Wreck and Reef Diving

Scuba diving in Sri Lanka

Considered one of the best beaches in the South of Sri Lanka, Beruwala is an ideal location to put your deep sea diving skills to test.

Diving in Beruwala is for the bold and the experienced. With depths over 20 m and situated within a 30 to 60 minutes of a boat ride, diving sites near Beruwala have everything from currents and visibility to rock formations to make the long ride worth it.

With the season beginning in November and ending in Late May, the ocean around Beruwala has the right combination of wrecks and reefs to keep a veteran diver pining for more.

Mainly due to their greater depth and being positioned in the midst of the Indian Ocean, it is not rare to have shark encounters. However, there had been rarely any danger and worth the experience.

Among the most celebrated dives near Beruwala are the Shark Point and Barracuda Rock, which are beautiful multi-level rock formations situated at the depths of 31 meters and 28 meters respectively. Both the locations host swarms of fish life including Trevally, Snapper, Great Barracuda, Reef Shark and Giant Maori Wrasse, who will not try to flee if you enter without a splash.

The ocean near Beruwala is also home to the deepest wreck dive in Sri Lanka. Situated at the depth of 65 meters is the wreck of Norwegian Cargo Ship MV Tricolor sunk in the area in 1931 after a great explosion. However exploring MV Tricolor is not a conventional dive offered by the regular diving centres in the area and requires specialized technical skills.