Bird Watching at Sinharaja

Sri Lanka Dull Blue Flycatcher
Ceylon Paradise Flycatcher
Red Faced Malkoha

Sri Lanka’s only virgin tropical lowland rainforest, Sinharaja is home to a large number of bird and amphibian species endemic to the country.

Rated among the top biodiversity hotspots around the world with 147 species of birds, 19 species of amphibians and 21 species of butterflies, reported within the main forest reserve, Sinharaja has declared a World Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and a World Heritage Site in 1988.

Mixed Species Feeding Bird Flock, also known as Rainforest Rainbow, is a phenomenon unique to Sinharaja, where 35-50 birds belonging to dozens of species feed and move together within the rising trees of Sinharaja breaking the silence of the forest.

The forest also holds a great diversity of flora and fauna life other than the birds from the endemic Purple-faced Leaf Monkey to over 10 species of amphibians and a multitude of orchids.

A walk through Sinharaja on a sunny day can bring you closer to more than 20 of the 33 endemic birds found in the country including Red Faced Malkoha and Sri Lankan Blue Magpie.

Watch flocks of rare Orange-billed Babblers roam freely around you while listening to the chatter of the Crested Drongo, the ever watchful guardsman who alerts the flocks on the approaching hawks and eagles.