Ayurveda Wellness Centre

Discover a range of nature-inspired beauty and relaxation treatments to rejuvenate your body and revive your soul at the Ayurveda Wellness Centre at The Palms, Beruwala.

Revive your mind and body with natural treatment at The Palms Hotel, Beruwala
Discover Ayurveda massage and wellness treatments at The Palms, Beruwala
Ayurveda herbal healing at The Palms Hotel, Sri Lanka

'' Beauty and Health Enhancing Treatments Inspired by Nature ''

The terracotta tiles feel cool to your bare feet as you step inside the dimly lit space. A heady aroma of herbs and infusions fill the air; and in the subdued stillness a deep sense of peace embraces you, bringing a soothing calm to your being as you breathe it in. Your spirits lift as you wonder which of the wonderful pampering treatments you should indulge in today.

‘Ayur-veda’- ‘the science of life’ is an ancient, holistic form of healing that promotes total wellbeing and harmony within you in balance with nature and the environment. With knowledge honed over thousands of years, it is a practice that considers your whole being and emphasises on prevention rather than cure of symptoms. At our Ayurveda Wellness Centre, our qualified Ayurvedic Physician will first spend time to evaluate your state of health before prescribing treatments or spa packages best suited to your particular needs. So whichever treatment you opt for, you can rest assured and let your cares drift away.

Operational Hours:

  • 8.00 am to 5.00 pm  


  • Foot Massage (30 minutes)
  • Face Massage (25 minutes)
  • Head Massage (30 minutes)
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage (20 minutes or 30 minutes)
  • Back & Leg Massage (20 minutes)
  • Full Body Massage (45 minutes)
  • Pinda Sweda (30 minutes)
  • Steam Bath (20 minutes)
  • Herbal / Flower Bath (20 minutes)
  • Sankara Weda (25 minutes)                 
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