Village Tour

Discover the village life in Sri Lanka

While the 21st century has caught up with most of Sri Lanka, in rural farming communities life has changed little since the ancient of days. The small villages around Sigiriya still retain their rustic charm and their age old ways of life. The paddy fields and the ‘chena’ cultivations are harvested much the same way as in the days of King Kassapa and traditions are maintained across time.

With our Village Tour, you can catch a glimpse of this rural life first-hand. Take a bullock cart ride through the village and the paddy fields. If it is planting or harvesting time, you will see the age old rituals which are still practised and witness the ceremonies that are associated with it. Take a boat ride on the Sigiriya reservoir amongst the lotus and the water lilies – maybe even join a village fisherman to help him with his catch.