Pidurangala Rock Climbing

Just a few kilometers North of Sigiriya is Pidurangala, an ancient monastery on a rock mountain formed by the same volcanic activity that created Sigiriya.

Yet being less grand and far more difficult to climb, Pidurangala was destined for a future less elegant and grandeur than Sigiriya. Fashioned into a rock cave monastery by the same king who built Sigiriya, the monastery has sheltered meditating monks for nearly two millennia before diminishing into obscurity.

According to the legends, the monastery complex at Pidurangala was created to house a group of meditating monks, who were at Sigiriya when King Kashyapa decided to make it his royal seat. The king has constructed a new monastery complex at the less imposing mountain of Pidurangala, to house the bhikkhus while reserving Sigiriya for himself.

Today, Pidurangala is being discovered again for its beauty and historical importance. Less crowded by the visitors, Pidurangala affords more adventurous climbs atop to the rocky plateau on the mountain.

While the two-hour climb up to the temple is mainly done on narrow rock steps, which can be maneuvered by anyone with a reasonable fitness, the second stage of the climb to the top of the mountain is mostly unchartered territory without any clearly defined path or steps, Yet all the squeezing and clambering over boulders can be worth the view that awaits you at the top of the mountain.

Vastly governed by that majestic rock Sigiriya, the view from the top spreads as far as your eyes can see across villages, fields and forests unfolding the beauty of Sri Lanka before you.