Pidurangala Rock Climbing

Perhaps, not as famous but equally spectacular, Pidurangala is a giant rock that is just a few kilometres away to the North of Sigiriya. The two rocks are linked not just geologically but historically too. During the creation of Sigiriya rock fortress, King Kassapa built a monastery on the Pidurangala rock for the meditating monks living at Sigiriya and its surrounds. This ancient cave temple is still fairly well preserved and is an important, if not much visited, historical site.

Like Sigiriya, the Pidurangala rock has a unique formation that is instantly identifiable, and surrounded by forest it is as beautiful as its celebrated neighbour. Narrow stone steps lead up to the temple, but beyond that, there are no clearly defined path or steps, but the incredible panoramic views from the top are well worth the somewhat difficult climb – especially if you plan to catch a sunrise from the summit. It is also a great vantage point to view Sigiriya and its surrounds from a whole new angle.