Sigiriya Bird Sanctuary

Bird watching tours at Sigiriya
Endemic birds at Sigiriya Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Bird Sanctuary at the foot of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, is an ideal place to observe the birds in Sri Lanka’s dry zone.

The lush green secondary forest fed by the nearly 2000-year-old water garden and small tanks connected to the Minneriya Reservoir surrounds Sigiriya rock fortress and the royal palace. Recently designated as a Bird Sanctuary, the forest of shrub and grasslands is home to nearly 65 species of endemic, resident and migratory birds, which makes it an ideal bird watching location to observe a range of birds including predators like White Bellied Sea Eagles, Grey Headed Fish Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle and Crested Hawk Eagle and water birds including Lesser Whistling Duck, Wool Necked Stork and Pheasant Tailed Jacana within a small space.

A three hours long slow walk across the sanctuary will bring you into direct contact with almost all the resident birds in the area as well as the choice selection of migratory birds who have flown to Sri Lanka from all around the world.

As the final stop of many migratory birds, Sigiriya Bird Sanctuary provides a safe haven for them to feed and breed away from the predators and adverse weather conditions.

In addition to the birds, the sanctuary is also home to an occasional elephant, a large variety of reptiles, amphibians and flocks of deer. The trail is guided by an experienced ecologist, who would provide the instructions for observing, recording and photographing birds and other animals with minimum effect on the flora and fauna of the sanctuary.