Amphibian & Reptile Trail

Discover snakes endemic to Sri Lanka at Sigiriya
Endemic amphibians in Sri Lanka

If your natural interests are more ‘close to the ground’ our amphibian and reptile trail will help you to encounter the wealth of creatures that inhabit the arid dry zone habitat surrounding the hotel and beyond. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world to boast an 85% of endemicity ratio among amphibians with 90 of the 110 amphibian species found being endemic. 98 endemic species of snakes and other reptiles are also found in the country and many can be discovered in close vicinity. This trail is best explored with our resident naturalist who will help you to spot and identify the diverse species. Some of the snakes are potentially life threatening such as the Cobra, Russell’s viper, common Krait, Sri Lankan Krait and Saw Scaled Viper, and one must tread with care.