Special Ayurveda Packages

A few days of pampering, or a few weeks of prescribed, therapeutic healing – whichever your need maybe, our Ayurveda Spa offers a range of beauty and health packages spanning 3 to 14 days; offering a choice from individual treatments to full courses of Ayurvedic care.

Each package is designed to improve physical and mental wellness, and all treatments are administered by qualified, trained Ayurveda therapists under the supervision of our resident Ayurvedic Physician – an expert, with long years of experience. All packages include external treatments such as head, body, foot, and facial massages with herbal oils, and aspects that focus on inner health: relaxation therapies including breathing and meditation, for instance. As the packages aim at total wellbeing, dietary and lifestyle plans are also prescribed by the doctor after consultation.

We customise each package to suit your individual needs; however, all packages include the following fundamentals:

  • Consultation with our Ayurveda physician
  • Recommendation of dietary guidelines, meal plans, and therapeutic advice
  • Shirodhara treatment
  • Head massage with herbal oil
  • Body massage with recommended herbal oil
  • Face massage with herbal oil
  • Herbal Steam bath
  • Herbal bath with herbal leaves
  • Foot massage or ‘padagra’ treatment
  • Relaxation through meditation

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