Ayurveda Spa

The lilting song of a bird - a ‘Ceylon Shama’ one is told - follows you along the gravel path lined with giant trees and thick flowering underbrush. The wide canopy overhead creating a green lit corridor, all the way to the thatched cottage of wattle and daub. A heady scent fills the air, drawing you closer. The warm greeting of ‘Ayubowan’ as you are welcomed into its dark and cool interior holds its true meaning – ‘may you live long’: for here resides the sanctuary of our Ayurveda Spa – a peaceful refuge where the healing art of a tradition over five thousand years old, awaits to renew you; body and soul.

Treatment by a qualified Ayurveda practitioner at the Sigriya Village Hotel Spa
Personalized Ayurveda treatment at the Sigriya Village Hotel Spa
Soothing natural treatments for your mind and body

'Ayur-veda' - 'the science of life' is an ancient, holistic form of healing that promotes total wellbeing and harmony within you in balance with nature and the environment. With knowledge honed over thousands of years, it is a practice that considers your whole being and emphasises on the prevention rather than cure of symptoms.

At our traditional Ayurveda Spa, you will be under the care of our highly qualified Ayurvedic Physician who will spend time in consultation to evaluate your physical health and understand your individual needs prior to prescribing treatments or packages best suited to you.

Operational Hours:

07:00 hrs - 10:00 hrs


  • Steam bath - 30 minutes
  • Peeling treatment - 30 minutes
  • Head massage - 30 minutes
  • Body massage - 45 minutes
  • Pinda Sweda treatment - 30 minutes
  • Snehana Karma treatment - 60 minutes
  • Foot massage - 30 minutes
  • Face treatments - 45 minutes
  • Shirodhara treatment - 30 minutes
  • Full body treatment - 70 minutes

We also offer long-term treatment packages of 3-14 days.

Ayurvedic spa