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Weligama snorkeling spots
Weligama Bay Diving
Best dive sites in Sri Lanka

One of the best beaches in the world, the two kilometer sandy beach of Weligama Bay leads to a shallow reef and undersea rock formation ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Home to a large variety of marine life including a number of Nudibranch varieties, diving around Weligama can also bring the divers up close to a large number of Giant Morays, Yellow Margin Morays and Honeycomb Morays while Mantas and Raysglide by.

Of all the interesting diving locations in and around Weligama Bay, Prince Heinrich Patch offers some of the stunning views and daring dives to anyone who ventures to conquer this 20-meter deep daring dive situated 20 minutes away from the shore.

More popularly known as PHP among veteran divers, this mesmerizing boulder and rockscape is home to stunning marine life including Mantas and large Rays against the backdrop of the blue ocean.

However, if you are an ardent Nudibranch fan, Bridge Rock, a rocky terrain with swim throughs and rock formed caves that lie 20 meters below the sea surface is the place to head. Situated within a 20-minute boat ride from the Weligama beach, the dive site houses a large collection of Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs of varied varieties. The rocky caves also house a wide variety of exotic fish including Lionfish, Pufferfish, Glassfish and Small Barracudas.

Not a great diver? Fear not. Snorkeling around the shallow reef area of Weligama Bay can also bring you into close contact with a range of marine life including a number of small exotic fish, who would not try to escape if you didn’t make a big splash.