Dining on the Beach

Tasteful d├ęcor for a feast on the beach
Dinner for two on Weligama beach

Welcome to a magical evening of dining and entertainment on the white beaches of Weligama Bay at the Fisherman’s Bay Hotel, a beachfront resort in Weligama.

Whether you are looking for a romantic intimate dinner date or an evening of feasting and fun, Fisherman’s Bay Hotel provides you a selection of menus and services to suit your mood and budget.

Whether you are looking for a candlelit fine dining experience serviced by a personal butler/waiter or a group dinner with laughter and fun, our team of chefs and service staff at the Fisherman’s Bay would come together to create an unforgettable experience by the Indian Ocean, painted crimson by the setting sun.

Discover the magic of dining by the ocean. Contact us for pricing and prior information.