Ceylon Virgin White Tea Estate Tour

Ceylon Virgin White Tea Plantation in Handunugoda
Handunugoda Virging White Tea estate tour

A half an hour drive from the Fisherman’s Bay is the only plantation in Sri Lanka that produces Ceylon Virgin White Tea that is celebrated across the world for its pure taste and fragrance.

Nestled between the evergreen rainforests of Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean, the unique positioning of the Handunugoda tea plantation, as well as the delicate process used in plucking the tea leaves, help to retain its unique quality and the delicate taste, the Ceylon White Tea is celebrated for.

Its production process duplicates a procedure that was once practiced in ancient China, where the choicest tea was cut by the virgins using golden scissors, never touching the tea leaves with their bare skin. The produce was offered as a tribute to the Emperor of China as it was considered to be one of the healthiest and the purest teas in the world rich in antioxidants.

Back in Sri Lanka at the Handunugoda Tea Plantation, cutting the top unopened leaf buds of the tea tree is carried out with scissors and a ceramic bowl to preserve the quality of the tea.

Despite the lack of virgins with golden scissors, Ceylon Virgin White Tea still contains the highest amount of antioxidants occurring in any beverage according to the lab analysis done by SGS of Switzerland, the world’s best network of testing facilities.

A visit to the Handunugoda Plantation includes a plantation and factory visit and a tea tasting session to complete your tea experience in Sri Lanka. Visitors are provided the opportunity to taste and appreciate the texture, aroma, and flavor of different varieties of tea produced at the plantation followed by a scrumptious tea at the plantation owner’s bungalow.