A Day Trip to Sinharaja

Endemic reptiles at Sinharaja
Local varieties of monkeys at Sinharaja
Rusty spotted cat at Sinharaja

Sinharaja, the virgin rainforest in Sri Lanka is one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage, and a Man and Biosphere Forest Reserve.

Shrouded by the shifting mist and copious rain clouds, Sinharaja occupies a crest shape at the heart of island’s wet zone and is home to a range of diverse plant, bird and animal life.

Situated about a three-hour drive from Weligama, Sinharaja offers a great diversity of flora and fauna life including the Red Faced Malkoha, Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Purple-faced Leaf Monkey and over 10 species of amphibians and a multitude of orchids.

Bordered by two rivers from the North and the South, the forest offers a range of adventure and explore trails to ardent wildlife and adventure enthusiasts. The only way to get around the reserve is by foot guided by the trusty rangers available at the gate or provided by a tour operator.

Best traveled during the non-monsoon period, a tricky condition since Sinharaja enjoys the best of both monsoon seasons, a stroll through Sinharaja can bring you face to face with many endemic bird species in Sri Lanka. At Sinharaja, you will also have the opportunity of observing mixed flocks or a single flock consisting of a number of bird species feeding together.

Observe a number of rare orchid species and plants growing in abundance at treetops and try to catch a glimpse of the elusive flying squirrel of Sri Lanka.